The words these people offered have sparked some wild contemplations within me. Please keep in mind that these truths can be only be offered through the filter of my ego, fixed states of being and life experiences. I will do my best to express my understanding as cleanly as possible, but the nature of our existence will have its effect upon my ability. 

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AHAWhen he spoke, I could feel that I was missing 90% of what he was expressing. Simply because he expressed so much in one moment that my system was overwhelmed.
Eckart TolleHis words resonate within me
Jean Paul SartreHe was awarded the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature, but refused it.

I’ve often found that my understanding of these moments broaden, deepen and evolve over time. My words written here are only a filtered photograph of the moment in Truth that no longer is. They should never be treated as an absolute enlightened understanding

While you read my thoughts and ideas here, I suggest you open to yourself and discover what my words may inspire within you, in your moment. That will bring you the closest to real Truth that can be found.

In love, one and one are one.~Jean-Paul Sartre