A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water.~Eleanor Roosevelt

Rather than trying to read the future, I use Tarot as an opportunity to see a current situation from a new angle. When I read for another, I call it Cooperative Tarot because I use what they see in the cards turned up to guide my reading. While they contemplate their situation, what they see in the cards reveals what they want to understand. I’ve been using Tarot personally for years, but only recently started reading for clients. Because I’m still practising and until I memorize the basic meaning of all the cards, I’m offering one 45 minute reading in person for free. This reading will illuminate two choices you are facing regarding the situation you choose to contemplate, will reveal the current probable outcome of following each path and then will offer some support along the path you choose during the reading.

If this interests you, you can come say hello at a local event or, if you already know you’d like a tarot reading, you can contact me, or schedule a reading right now.