I was once listening to a recording of AHA and he was answering someone’s question in a mathematical manner. Via his expressed words, for one very brief flash of a moment, I perceived reality via numbers, or math, or something like that.

I’ve spent years trying to follow that moment into a deeper, more conscious understanding. This is the best I’ve been able to express it so far.

1 is the whole of existence
0 is all that contains and surrounds the whole

Using 0 and 1 here is not a coincidence, programming computers using binary has an affinity with relating to reality in this manner. In that moment, I perceived all of existence, the ‘what’ that we are, as the entirety of …1…

Together, 0 and 1 are an expression of divided Truth, of us existing, if they could be transcended together into Source, Source might be depicted as the absolute value of infinity.