We call these mind clearing sessions because that is the result when we succeed in our explorations. Your thinking is clearer, you can make decisions regarding that matter more easily and you see the situation from new angles. Often, a belief or experience that was limiting you, no longer has the weight to influence your choices.

For some situations, one session may be all you need to clear the cobwebs and move forward again. Others areas of life can be sticker, and are more effectively addressed across multiple sessions.

We meet together in person or over Skype for a 1.5 hour session. One session is $90. However, because I really like working with people over multiple sessions, if you pay for 3 or more sessions at once, the cost will be $80 for each (eg. $240 for 3 session package)

1 or 2 sessions

  • a project slowed or halted mid-way
  • clutter clearing
  • grounding a spiritual experience within you (understanding and incorporating the changes)
  • improve current life relationships (work or friends)

3 sessions or more

  • past romantic relationship clearing –  It can be difficult finding a new partner, carrying the weight of past ones. Clear the air and create space for someone new to arrive in your life. 
  • current romantic relationship improvement – Distance can grow between people who spend a lot of time together. There are things you can do to renew the feeling of closeness.
  • improving family relationships (parents, siblings, children)
  • life purpose discovery and alignment – This is a long term process, to discover and then evolve your life so it is in alignment with your purpose.

Recommended only after 12 hours of mind clearing (or an enlightenment intensive weekend + 6 hours of mind clearing)

Chronic long term problem resolution
These can be behaviours that cause relationship issues such as impulse control difficulties, long-term depression, addictive behaviour (can only address some of the mental and emotional aspects of addiction), neediness, over dependence on another.

Trauma Clearing
Results in freedom from unthinking, automatic reactions that were created in response to the trauma – if you’ve ever noticed that your reaction or response to something was way out of proportion to what occurred, there is likely a trauma at the source of it. Clear the trauma and regain a measure of control over yourself in that area.

Synergy Intensive (5 sessions in 3 consecutive days)
We don’t allow ourselves success, power and fortune when we know that we’ve hurt others with it in the past. Discover and clear the weight of your previous choices and watch the influx of synergistic opportunities that arise in response.

I’m here to help. My experiences have proven that having someone along for the journey within helps me look at, and work through matters that I would never have taken the time to address on my own.

If you think you might like to work with me, you can email me to schedule a convenient time. This will let us get a sense of each other, and discuss the possibilities of Mind Clearing together.