Release the Weight

Join us as we release the excess body weight we currently carry. We meet each week to connect with and encourage people on the same journey. Every size is welcome, whether it’s 5 pounds you want to release or 100+ pounds.

Our first meeting will be on January 10th, at the Galeria Estima, 170 Lakeshore Drive in Salmon Arm. We begin at 7pm and are looking forward to meeting you then!



We do this by making progress every week toward a healthier body by building a momentum of sucess with goals that we choose each week. The goals are picked by the individual, but the group supports each person by emphasizing goals that are SMART. Specific, measureable, acheivable, relevant and time bound. For example – I’m going to work out 3 times this week.

Each person decides what plan they will follow to release the weight, although we do recommend that their eating plan include at least 1200 calories a day.

If you want to track your weight each week, there will be a scale onsite available to use.


I think we all know there is more to the weight than just pounds.

Once a week we discuss a principle of healthy living, and we do a self awareness practise that may illuminate causes and help resolve barriers to releasing the weight.

Additionally I offer 3 online sessions to each person who signs up for three months. These sessions will help identify or work on challenges they are facing that may be contributing to unhealthy habits in their life.


Willpower runs out. You can be super motivated, organized and a champion goal setter, but eventually the will to keep driving yourself forward drops away.

When the willpower wanes, its the contact and support of others cheering you on that will keep you on track and making progress. Sharing ideas, experiences and dancing with your ladies as you let go of worries for an evening each week will help replenish your soul with warmth and energy to bring back home to your friends and family.

What to bring

Yourselves, genuine and ready to share and support others on this journey

Also: comfortable layered clothes you can move in and be warm or cool in, water bottle and cushion to sit on


We gather weekly in the beautiful space of Galeria Estima.

Participate in a Dyad practice to help improve awareness and resolve mental barriers

Three 90 minute sessions with Sondra to help with breaking down those barriers (normally $270)

Goal setting and goal sucess support

Dancing each week with your glorious ladies, exercise AND fun.

We commit for three months so that progress can be seen, and the group can count on your support for that time.



The cost of all this is $150 for three months, which goes towards renting the space as well as my time and the expenses I incur offering all this.