I’ve always believed it is possible to create the life I want to be living, but was very frustrated when I couldn’t make the progress towards those changes when I became an adult. 
I started attending various workshops and personal growth trainings thinking they could help me change my life. They did help some, but I wanted my life to work better, and the changes seemed to be coming very slowly. 
Finally, I found some processes that worked well for me, that just made sense to the way I think and feel. It was a combination of some life skills development courses, some spiritual development retreats and three years of training to be a Mind Clearer. As a result, I feel happier in my life and part of my feeling fulfilled is helping others to make progress towards truly thriving in their lives. 
If anything you’ve read here intrigues you, or you have any questions about the services I offer, you can contact me below to setup a convenient time and place to meet. This first meeting is mainly to give you the chance to get a sense of me and figure out if you want my assistance to gain insight into your life situations. 

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