Rather than trying to read the future, I use Tarot as an opportunity to see a current situation from a new angle. When I read for another, I call it Cooperative Tarot because I use what you see in the cards to guide my reading.

I’ve been using Tarot personally for years, but only recently started reading for clients. Currently one 45 minute session is $45. However if you are also a Mind Clearing client with a bundle of 3 sessions purchased, I offer one Cooperative Tarot session a month for free.

Choices spread: Illuminates two choices you are currently facing in your life, they may or may not be opposing choices. Provides a likely outcome of making each choice and one of the choices is activated in your life at the end of the reading.

Avoidance spread: Provides insight into something you are avoiding in your life. Both the source and results of avoiding this are explored.

Attraction spread: Explores the current relationship between you and something or someone you are trying to manifest in your life. Past influences effecting your ability to attract them, motivations you have for attempting to create them in your life and what you need to let go of to make them easier to manifest.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me for more details.